Have questions on Shanti? Here is a compilation of our frequently asked questions. If you don't happen to see yours, please feel free to give us a call or email us at support@  nutrasenwellness.com and we'll promptly get back to you with some answers!

Product Information

How Does Shanti Work? Will It Work For Me?

We have customers all around the world ordering and re-ordering Shanti as it helps support sleep, cortisol support and helps support feelings of stress and anxiousness.

Cortisol levels should naturally be high in the morning and start to decrease as the day progresses (with spikes as we encounter stressful events/demands in our day). Cortisol should be at a minimal level at bedtime so our natural sleep hormones - Melatonin and GABA can do their job in making us fall asleep and stay asleep.

Shanti contains powerful, adaptogens that support cortisol (our stress hormone) regulation. You take Shanti earlier in the day and with a meal - so with breakfast or lunch.

How Soon Before I See Results?

We'll be honest in saying that results do vary. We have customers that feel the support within days of taking Shanti and others feel the support between 3-6 weeks. We recommend trying Shanti for 60 days (2 bottles) to allow time for the adaptogens to accumulate and support cortisol, sleep and feelings of stress and anxiousness.

When and How Should I Take Shanti?

Take 2 Capsules of Shanti daily with a meal for maximum absorption of the herbal nutrients. We recommend taking Shanti with Breakfast or Lunch to allow the adaptogens in Shanti to build in your system before bedtime.

Most of our customers take this recommended dosage of 2 capsules. Some customers have found benefits with a higher dosage. You can take up to 4 capsules of Shanti a day with a meal, but not more than 4 capsules/day for a period of time. 

As with all supplements, it's good to take a break from time to time and allow the body to rebalance.

Is Shanti Safe To Take ?

Yes! Each of the three ingredients in Shanti has been used in Ayurvedic Medicine for centuries and has a long-standing history of safety and effectiveness. When taken as directed, Shanti is safe, is not addictive or habit-forming.

If you have any concerns, as with any dietary supplement, it is recommended that you consult with your doctor or healthcare provider before taking Shanti.

What's In Shanti?

Each capsule of Shanti contains

600mg KSM-66 Ashwagandha (root extract)

660 mg Mucuna Pruriens Seed Extract (15% L-Dopa)

150 mg Bacopa Monnieri Extract

Vegetable cellulose capsule



Trace Amount of Milk (to extract the benefits from the Ashwagandha root)

I Take Other Medication - Can I Take Shanti?

As with any dietary supplement, vitamin or medication - it is always recommended that you consult with your doctor or healthcare provider before taking Shanti.

How Is Shanti Different Than Other Sleep Aids?

Sleep Aids (prescription and non-prescription) are created to manipulate your brain into making you feel sleepy - often leaving you with light sleep and not the deep REM restorative sleep. This process is not natural and often these aids are not meant to be taken long term. They also come with their share of side effects including daytime drowsiness and addiction. 

Shanti is an all natural supplement that supports cortisol management, supports sleep and provides mood support so you feel calmer.

We sourced all the ingredients from the finest farms and sources in India.

Where Is Shanti Made?

Shanti is made in Canada and the USA. We source all the ingredients from the finest farms and sources in India.

What Does Shanti Help With?

Shanti is a fantastic in supporting sleep  but in fact supports many other areas.

Our main ingredient, KSM-66 Ashwagandha is a branded, full-spectrum extract with the highest concentration of all major root only extracts available in the market today. It is produced using a unique proprietary extraction process, based on “Green Chemistry” principles, without using alcohol or any other chemical solvent.

  • Mood Support - with feelings of Stress and Anxiety
  • Helps with with Focus, Clarity and Cognitive functions
  • Healthy Cortisol Level Support
  • Mens Health Support
  • Female Health Support
  • Sports Nutrition Support
  • Weight Management Support
  • Muscle Strength and Recovery Support
  • Anti-Aging Support

What If Shanti Does Not Help Me? Can I Return It?

We are thrilled with how Shanti has been helping our customers all over the world.

If you don't find the benefits in Shanti, you can try increasing the dosage (up to 4 capsules a day with a meal) and see if a higher dosage helps. You also need to give Shanti some time to work as the adaptogens accumulate and support cortisol production. We recommend you give it 6-8 weeks.

We do stand by our product and are confident Shanti can help support sleep, stress, anxiety and focus that we offer a 90 day money back guarantee.

We stand behind Shanti and ask that you try Shanti and if it doesn't work for you call us within 90 days of your purchase date and we'll offer a refund.

Refunds apply to first time customers with the first opened bottle of Shanti and all unopened bottles of Shanti, less shipping (this includes Free Shipping orders) and handling and restocking. See our guarantee for details.

Order Information

How Long Before I Receive My Order?

Shipment times can vary but on average domestic shipments (USA and Canada) take 4-10 business days. For International orders, shipments can take 10-30+ days depending on the destination. 

Do You Ship World Wide?

Yes, we ship Shanti to most countries around the world. Our manufacturing and distribution center are in the USA. We ship Shanti from our fulfillment centre in West Jordan, Utah.

Will I Be Automatically Charged Each Month?

We don't feel auto-bill/auto-ship is a fair practice by default.

We would rather you try Shanti with as little investment as possible and feel the results before deciding to order more. No stress - no pressure.

We do have customers on an automatic billing/shipping subscription but they call us and request this setup. 

I Have More Questions! 

You won't always find a phone number when purchasing items on-line. Here at Nutrasen Wellness, we are here to answer those questions! Feel free to call us or email us (we've included our contact information below). We don't outsource our support as we like talking to our customers directly - it's the best way we can help and support them.

US & Canada : 1-800-230-8870